Management & Technology Group, Inc.: Augmenting Performances of Organizations through EPM Solutions

Crett Mitchell, CEO, President & Founder
Consistent performance is not just about measuring and examining; it is about action too. For businesses, forging ahead is possible only if their vision is set away from the rearview mirror. To assure profitability and seamless management of organizational activities, today’s companies adopt Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions and tools stack. However, to harness the benefits of the EPM solutions, enterprises need to have a foundation of budgetary and operational targets as well as the capacity to convey timely performance results to all the stake holders. Founded in 2002, Management & Technology Group, Inc. (MTG) provides EPM solutions that embrace proven performance metric methodologies such as balance scorecard, six sigma, Baldrige Criteria, and Value Measurement Methodology. “Our company builds dashboards with near real-time data ingest,” remarks Crett Mitchell, CEO, President and Founder, MTG.

Since its inception, the firm has etched out a distinct repute for its expertise in Enterprise Architecture governance and began to explore the ground of EPM in 2010, creating programs to link balanced scorecard performance measures that link input, output and outcome measures to IT initiatives. The programs enable IT cost avoidance in a manner that it can be tracked to specific projects and investments.

Additionally, MTG’s services start with an agile EPM that adjusts with the pace of an organization and this approach is deftly followed by its team of experts for defining and implementing performance management programs. The company also builds dashboard with near real-time data to enable customers to swiftly view performance results. “MTG uses tools that are simple and fast to adjust,” says Mitchell. “But the most unique aspect of our dashboards is their speed and adaptability. It also helps us to get our customers faster and this is just smart business,” he adds.

Our programs enable IT cost avoidance in a manner that it can be tracked to specific projects and investments

Furthermore, MTG builds processes iteratively to aid its clients to review progress and adjust to weekly transitions that they come across in their business. Owing to the vast capabilities and functionality of their EPM solutions, MTG has a clientele comprising of organizations from various sectors. In one instance, the firm was approached by two government agencies to improve performance through EPM that tied cost avoidance to IT initiatives. Also, MTG completed the deployment of a performance management dashboard for a medical analytics company to help them comply with the government mandated medical reporting requirements.

With the surging impact of technological trends such as mobility, cloud, open source and Big Data, MTG is well placed to assist enterprises to dodge business impediments and enhance their performance.

“We believe in recruiting the best staff from all across the globe. Keeping the best of talent in our organization and collaborating with the best of technologies are the sure shot ways to succeed,” says Mitchell. MTG is investing in agile product development and tools that support this approach. “We are parlaying this concept across our entire organization— agile performance-management, agile planning, and agile staffing,” affirms Mitchell. The company aims to forge ahead, casting its web wider in the market to attain higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Management & Technology Group, Inc.

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Crett Mitchell, CEO, President & Founder

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