Peloton Group, LLC: Unleashing the Promise of Analytics with Enterprise Performance Management

Guy Daniello, Founder & CEO
The Peloton Group, LLC (Peloton) an Oracle Platinum and Cloud Select Partner, leverages Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Cloud solutions to enable process and technology transformation. EPM applications provide a holistic picture of company finances and operations that in turn help identify revenue and spending trends, bottlenecks, and resource utilization to improve transparency and visibility into the organization. “Analytics answers the tough questions by integrating data insights into business processes, enabling leaders to make more informed business decisions,” remarks Guy Daniello, Founder & CEO of Peloton.

Highly scalable and more sophisticated than ever before, Oracle EPM solutions offer built-in features that require less customization, added automated processes, and greater opportunities for advanced analyses. Through its collaborative implementation methodology and CloudAccelerator program, Peloton enables organizations to transform planning and finance management processes into a fully integrated cloud-based solution in a matter of weeks–not months.

Peloton employs a collaborative and highly-integrated methodology to assist clients looking to harness the benefits of moving to the cloud. “Using the Peloton Breakaway methodology, we help clients envision the future and ensure that users will adopt the new applications. Our process helps clients gather data from disparate sources, assess the current state, review requirements needed for analysis, understand the gap between present and future states, and create an actionable blueprint to deliver on the envisioned future.” Peloton’s methodology spans the entire performance management process starting from modeling potential outcomes, planning financial and operational goals, to managing performance and risk throughout the business, as well as reporting and analyzing operations and their impact on the financial performance.

We aim to lead the pace of technological change and be the backbone for companies looking to harness the power of analytics in the cloud

Peloton has developed its CloudAccelerator program to transform an organization’s legacy planning process into a fully-integrated cloud-based solution in a very short period of time. With pre-defined input templates, calculations, and best practices, Peloton adds value and delivers solutions that are aligned to the organization’s requirements.

To highlight the abilities of Peloton’s EPM services, Daniello mentions their recent client success with a mid-market technology firm that sought Peloton’s assistance to improve its performance management capabilities. As the technology firm expanded, so did the complexity of its finances. The firm needed planning, financial reporting, and analytics capabilities because too much time was spent gathering data and crunching numbers from multiple sources. Peloton implemented Oracle EPM services and the firm was able to immediately improve its performance and see real-time updates of project and cost center hierarchies as required. Reports were built based on common metrics and metric calculations, ensuring a consistent view into the business. By making historic data easily accessible, the new environment provided full visibility into revenue, cost, and the profits that spanned the entire product lifecycle.

“We aim to lead the pace of technological change and be the backbone for companies looking to harness the power of analytics in the cloud,” concludes Daniello.

Peloton Group, LLC

Boston, MA

Guy Daniello, Founder & CEO and Sean Bernhoit, SVP, Steve Bowden, VP

Peloton provides advisory, consulting, and managed services with deep functional and technical expertise specializing in enterprise performance management, enterprise resource planning, and big data-analytics

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