PAS (Professional Accounting Solutions): Furnishing Integrated Back-Office Solutions

Gayle Edwards, Managing Director
Accounting back-office solutions form the backbone of any organization and in hospitality, this means managing the day-to-day including operational and overhead expenses, and taxes. Frequently, disparate solution sets provided by different vendors are used for these individual requirements, which may not work together seamlessly, resulting in the loss of organization and efficiency. This brings in the necessity of a back-office tool that will not be limited to setting tasks but will observe, analyze, and track the day-to-day activities of the organization and identify areas for improvement. Professional Accounting Solutions (PAS) is revolutionizing the enterprise performance management space with its’ all-inclusive back-office tool designed specifically for the hospitality industry. With their understanding of hospitality accounting processes, information flow, and the dynamics of operating a hotel back office, PAS allows its’ clients to focus on their business objectives.

Gayle Edwards, Managing Director of PAS, explains, “We offer an accounting ecosystem—pasCLOUD— that inclusively provides compliance, task management, accounting and reporting, budgeting and forecasting, business intelligence dashboards, and workflow approvers.” pasCLOUD combines an enterprise resource planning solution, a business intelligence solution, and balance sheet integrity to offer a single integrated solution that addresses all back-office requirements. This integrated solution provides the best industry-specific practices for the hospitality and gaming industries.

Oftentimes customers approaching PAS already have separate back-office solutions to deal with varied requirements. pasUNITY is a proprietary tool created by PAS for the integration of data from these systems to seamlessly execute business processes and manage its flow across the enterprise for competitive advantage. pasUNITY simplifies data integration by taking data from any system, applying a matching table against it, and transforming it into the required format in which it can be delivered to a receiving system. This integration platform manages interface requests with its cloud-based infrastructure. pasUNITY can be integrated with any system as long as it can be rendered through a file.

We don’t just provide a tool; we deliver an entire ecosystem that offers standardization across an entire enterprise. With best-in-class applications and proven reporting and analysis, our pasCLOUD solution is the answer

PAS’ expertise came in handy when a hotel owned by a large investment firm required refinancing. Being housed in a private location, the hotel was previously not required to conform to the Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry (USALI) standards. It sought help in becoming USALI compliant from a reporting standpoint. PAS aided the firm in the refinancing process while simultaneously helping the client to become USALI compliant within a mere three months. PAS also provided for the reverse mapping of data and make feedback available to the owner.

PAS has also launched several innovative products in partnership with Blackline, an American accounting software company. This includes a full-financial close management product offering balance sheet integrity on journal entry integration and other hospitality-specific uses. In the deck is a completely new business module integrated into the BI tool to deal with not just accounting and financial budgeting but also handle the business plans of the whole company. This will contain modules for sales and advertising, food and beverage, marketing needs to be related to business plans that PAS aims to make a complete business solution. Gayle concludes, “We seek to be more than just an accounting solution provider. We want to be the educational resource that assists our clients in brainstorming innovative solutions to their problems,” and it appears with their robust portfolio of solutions and product offerings, that they are the top choice for hoteliers’ back office needs.

PAS [Professional Accounting Solutions]

Gaithersburg, MD

Gayle Edwards, Managing Director

Offers tools for back-office automation, financial management, budgeting and forecasting

PAS [Professional Accounting Solutions]