Techwave Consulting: Mapping Overall Metrics to Drive Business Performance

Raj Gummadapu, SVP & COO
Today, global organizations are leveraging digital technologies in the Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) processes in order to transform their business operations. Understanding that cloud, mobile, and big data are changing the competitive dynamics of global economy and business, software vendors are shifting the plan to modernize their organizations with predictive analytics in the EPM landscape. Recognizing the need to measure, manage, invest, and report on changing sources of corporate wealth, and the demand to benchmark the performance of an enterprise, Techwave Consulting, an IT services company, provides end-to-end enterprise performance management solutions with seamless integration. “We implement solutions that enhance Strategic, Financial and Operational performance management of the organizations considering key business drivers,” says Raj Gummadapu, SVP and COO, Techwave Consulting.

Headquartered in Exton, PA, the company focuses on providing a full range of solutions in EPM including financial performance management, supply chain performance management, and profitability, cost analysis, and predictive analytics. “Our EPM solutions provide better planning, insights, and predictions of the business performance,” adds Gummadapu. Given the in-depth understanding and mapping the overall metrics that drive the business performance, Techwave implements technology solutions that drive the business value with their industry and domain expertise.

Designed to drive business performance, manage risk, and optimize the financial value chain, the company’s EPM solutions influence the profitability, cost management, business planning, financial consolidation, strategy management, and supply chain. The solutions address the financial, warehouse analytics, distributing process, and reporting and analysis on the customers’ performance. “We invest money and time to implement specific industry performance management solution to retrieve the overall insights of the data and manage the results with specific templates developed for the client,” says Gummadapu. Using Techwave’s EPM, the clients can review their performance in real-time for the proactive decision making to steer the organization to achieve strategic goals.

Our EPM solutions provide better planning, insights, and predictions of the business performance

“The features of the EPM models are specific to the business functions and they congeal with the data and the business process.

Summarizing Techwave’s expertise, Gummadapu highlights a case study of a one of the large wholesale distributor. Even though the client was diligently planning and forecasting in manual, they lacked in monitoring and addressing their planning process that fine-tunes their performance on a regular basis. “So we evaluated the entire scenario and worked with them to implement EPM solution for end-to-end rolling forecast, annual planning and financial consolidations,” delineates Gummadapu. The client gained better insighton their business performance, which lead them to take action to make sure that they are providing right resources or investments in a right place with timely data. The client benefited the value in terms of combining the solutions that not only gathered the data but also provided the insight for the client.

In addition to EPM, the company also provides on-demand solution that lets Techwave experts assist customers in keeping the overall performance intact. “The unique factor that differentiates us from our competitors is our combination of technology and business expertise that provides value based solutions to our clients,” depicts Gummadapu.

Forging ahead, the company is planning to invest in industry-based predefining solution in the cloud platforms. “We are really focusing on cloud-based solutions that are easily deployable and can be utilized by our clients on a subscription method without incurring huge implementation and capital cost,” concludes Gummadapu. In the near future, “We see ourselves as a strong player in terms of providing SaaS models of pre-defined EPM solutions that can address the future business challenges.”

Techwave Consulting

Exton, PA

Raj Gummadapu, SVP & COO

Provides end-to-end enterprise performance management solutions with seamless integration

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