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Steve West, CEO
Organizations today are more empowered to achieve growth at degrees unheard of in the yesteryears. The availability of advanced technology has opened new opportunities, and now we’re seeing an increase in the number of generation Y and Z people entering the workforce. There are, however, two challenges. Firstly, different departments in an organization use different systems which make it difficult for the project management office (PMO) to obtain a unified view of project statuses. Not to mention, the younger cohort is redefining the “standard” work style and communication which greatly differs from the previous workforce generation, giving rise to a gap in the work culture. Nonetheless, the overall success of an organization is always the result of a cohesive, collaborative workforce. Steve West, CEO of Project Insight (PI®), is working to bridge the usability gap amongst teams.

Companies can deliver projects seamlessly with PI’s project management system. But that is not the silver bullet here. PMOs can run PI’s system in the background with disparate systems integrated into the software. Meaning, teams can continue using the collaboration platforms they prefer while data is transferred to PI instantaneously. “Project managers and executives can derive seamless visibility into their teams’ work process and performance details by either way, top-down or bottom-up. The solution comes equipped with components such as time tracker, contract, inverse record, approval routing, and document management, which play a key role in running a project smoothly,” says West. West recognizes that project management is no longer just for large corporations. To address this accessibility gap, PI offers a plan for every team with solutions that range from free all the way up to enterprise. The software is a SaaS solution, meaning users can access their data from anywhere via web browser.

In an effort to adapt and appeal to the conversational style of millennials in the workforce, PI has developed a patent-pending, artificially intelligent team of virtual assistants (VirtualPM™) that connects to work messaging platforms like Slack. The VirtualPMs take on the role of responding to queries or sending out notifications, all in a conversational, emotionally intelligent manner. Functionally, a project manager just needs to input project details in the PI system, and a team member can get a message from their VirtualPM.

Teams can continue using the collaboration platforms they prefer but the all the data will get ingested and stored at a central location by the PI system, which will give the management real-time update on a project’s progression

This add-on allows project managers to get the data and updates they need while team members can work in applications they already use, without ever having to log into PI. West adds, “The other interesting thing is that the platform has eight unique virtual personalities, which makes the job more fun.”

While explaining the value proposition of PI in the enterprise performance management space, West recalls an instance when the company assisted a major community health system in the Midwest, consisting of seven hospitals and numerous clinics. As the organization grew, its incumbent project tracking system became outdated, with limited centralized storage and reporting capabilities. Moreover, the unavailability of proper controls or templates made it complicated to manage projects. Project Insight's software streamlined the process and established a central repository where everything related to a project—documents, revisions, videos, demos, images—was centralized. This seamlessly accelerated the processes, enabling the healthcare organization to complete projects ahead of their schedule.

A testimony to PI’s innovation, the company was awarded the Best Project Management Solution of 2017 in the 32nd annual SIIA CODiE Awards. In the coming days, the company will focus on reinventing project management by automating the project manager’s role. West gave closing remarks, stating that PI plans to add more communication platforms to integrate with VirtualPM including Microsoft Teams.

Project Insight

Irvine, CA

Steve West, CEO

Project Insight provides a business management platform that acts as a central control for all teams to work efficiently by providing the resources needed for better communication and engagement

Project Insight