Top 20 Enterprise Performance Management Solution Companies 2016

Facilitating governance and organizational development, EPM solutions support an information system, which organizes an enterprise's resources in a direct relationship to the vision, strategy, goals, and objectives, that move a business forward. Catering to a broad spectrum of domains, here are the 20 Most Promising Enterprise Performance Management Solution Providers 2016 to generate greater business value.

    Top Enterprise Performance Management Solution Companies

  • 1

    Delivers end-to-end Business Intelligence solutions including EPM solutions built upon proCube

  • 2

    Assisting firms to work smarter, by designing and building analytic solutions that gives clients a greater understanding of their information assets

  • 3

    AMOSCA is an Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) consultancy, providing Financial and Management Reporting solutions to help businesses worldwide manage, achieve and maintain their strategic and business performance goals

  • 4

    Provides cost effective, unified decision management platform for the development of Enterprise Performance Management and Business Intelligence software applications

  • 5

    An expert in improvement and delivery of EPM strategy management

  • 6

    Provider of Jedox Suite that accommodates BI and CPM requirements including planning, budgeting, forecasting, reporting, dashboarding and analysis

  • 7

    Provides a revolutionary cloud app that is dedicated to organizational and people performance management

  • 8

    MTG specializes in Strategic Planning, Performance Management and administration services

  • 9

    Providing knowledge worker solutions in data analytics, including data science, business intelligence, enterprise performance management, data visualization, big data, cloud, predictive analytics, data mining, machine learning and master data management

  • 10

    Specializes in tailored Business Objects solutions that deliver reliable, robust, scalable, secure and extensible business intelligence solutions in rapid time frames

  • 11

    Provides solutions for Master Data Management, Workflow Enablement, Data Governance, and DRM Design and Implementation

  • 12

    StraitsBridge provides advisory services across banks and financial services

  • 13

    Provides Corporate Performance Management solutions that allow firms to measure, monitor and manage their operations, with a positive and significant impact on their performance

  • 14

    Provides end-to-end enterprise performance management solutions with seamless integration

  • 15

    Provider of EPM services focused on optimizing process efficiencies, such as budgeting, consolidation and reporting to enable financial intelligence and business effectiveness

  • 16

    Blue Strategy Africa

    Blue Strategy Africa

    Delivers unique action driven approach, analytical tools and frameworks, to help clients improve their business performance

  • 17

    Host Analytics

    Host Analytics

    Delivers a cloud-based model to help customers increase their business agility and lower their costs, while deploying more quickly compared to legacy on-premises software

  • 18

    Kaufman Hall

    Kaufman Hall

    Provides management consulting services and enterprise performance management software that help organizations realize sustained success amid changing market conditions

  • 19



    Speciallizes in consulting, recruiting and outsourcing services that position companies to achieve enterprise scale and growth

  • 20



    A global consulting firm that helps companies solve problems in finance, technology, operations, governance, risk and internal audit